What Makes Us Different?

As one of the fastest-growing human resources firms in the western hemisphere, WorldWide Staffing hasn’t forgotten what brought us here – honesty, integrity and our dedicated mission to exceed our clients expectations on a daily basis! We make our number one focus our customers, and contingent workers. At WorldWide Staffing you are never just a contract you are part of our foundation, and family.Our approach is optimized to deliver the best results and make the biggest impact on both the quality of your workforce and employee retention.

Solutions for All Businesses

Your business and your staffing needs are unique. WorldWide Staffing specializes in custom solutions for any type of employee requirement. From onsite management services to professional and technical recruitment, WorldWide Staffing can serve as your virtual HR department.


Talent Recruitment

Workforce Management Solutions

Performance Metrics shared with our clients

Compliance Systems and Reporting

Safety Training and OSHA Management


Permanent Placement Assistance

Partner On-Site

Season and Project Staffing

Temporary Employees

  • I don’t know how they do it

    “We need specialists who can contribute starting day one. I don’t know how they do it, but WorldWide Staffing finds the right people. And they do it in a fraction of the time it would take us to do the same thing.”

    / Project Manager / Heavy Industry
  • Tremendous asset for us.

    “We don’t have time to make errors or to train people. So we count on WorldWide Staffing to find logistics specialists for us. Many of the temporary staff they supply become permanent hires. That’s a tremendous asset for us.”

    / / National Trucking chain
  • WorldWide Staffing took over

    “I was drowning in trying to find and keep people, and my business suffered because of it. WorldWide Staffing took over, handling all the details. Now I can focus on what’s important. And last quarter, my bottom line showed this.”

    / Owner / Small Business
  • We saw an immediate improvement in team chemistry

    “People can make or break a project, especially with tight deadlines. When we started using WorldWide Staffing, we saw an immediate improvement in team chemistry, because they knew how to find and screen for the professionals we needed.”

    / Team Leader / Engineering
  • They make sure I have the staff

    “My bosses are watching every metric, and it’s my responsibility to keep costs in line. With WorldWide Staffing, I don’t worry about people. They make sure I have the staff I need to make quotas, and their reporting shows my superiors how we’re doing a better job than ever of managing human resources overhead.”

    / HR Director / Light Industry
  • Our people needs are constant.

    “Our people needs are constant. And we need specific personality types who can be ambassadors for our clients’ brands. WorldWide Staffing screens candidates for us, and gives us personnel who are professional and who can start contributing immediately.”

    / Manager / Call Center