Technology And Reporting Gives You More Management Options

Are you managing your staffing at an optimum level?  Our measurement and reporting tools can let you know for sure.

We have a variety of data analysis tools that help you determine if you are overstaffed or understaffed, and we provide you with ideas for optimizing your people for maximum profitability and production.  We can also help you create an archive of information that can help you forecast personnel needs and productivity requirements, so you can prepare ahead.

Our data tools can also help you anticipate unexpected events and respond to them, so you don’t lose time or money.

Our tools include:

Timekeeping – WorldWide Staffing delivers the latest in timekeeping technology to provide the precise solution our customers require. We evaluate the current process, determine your requirements and select the most effective time and attendance tracking system.

Reporting – Today’s competitive market demands the ability to access key business information quickly. Worldwide Staffing offers comprehensive reporting options that can be customized according to customer-specific needs. We don’t simply provide customers with data; we provide decision-supporting information that fosters effective and efficient businesses. Through this collection of tools WorldWide Staffing can provide virtually any report that our customers may need to make effective business decisions.

Invoicing – Our computerized accounting system provides the flexibility necessary to meet your particular needs. We have the ability to collect your hours, separate invoices by department, report totals weekly or monthly and transmit invoices electronically. We also have the ability to customize invoices per customer request.


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